The Best Online Libraries

Digital Libraries 

+ A Brief History of the Library 

Digital libraries now give us unprecedented access to literature and information like never before in our human history. Our evolution predates the written word and we can look back on the ancient libraries and appreciate just how far we’ve come. See, The History of Libraries.

It could be said that with the passage of time, books become antiquated objects; Nonetheless, books will continue to be precious archives of what has been and inspiration for all that could be.

When we read a book, we encompass it in our own unique way yet a good book is paradoxically transcendental – as it can reach the hearts and minds of the masses. Good literature stands immortally as a pillar of culture and development. The knowledge contained in a book is a Universe unto itself. When we explore the world of literature we unveil the intangible and the invaluable acquisition of such knowledge.

The proliferation of digitized archives has now made hundreds of thousands -even millions- of books obtainable in most all corridors of the World. The Digital reproduction of books has placed at our fingertips a wealth of information that would not fit within the walls of any existing architectural Library.

Check out Academic Tutors 101’s LIST of the BEST ONLINE LIBRARIES for references, maps, films and audio-books including publications and written works so rare that it would be difficult to find a physical copy.
1. The World Digital Library A multinational Resource.

2. The Universal Digital Library Search through one million books.

3. Project Gutenberg Read and Download.

4. The Harvard Library Resources from the #1 University in the US.

5. Ibiblio Books, Magazines and Scholarly Research Articles.

6. Google Books 100,000+ Books.

7. Archive A treasury of millions of free books, movies and software.

8. Open Library Search over one million eBooks by genre.

9. The US Library of Congress Digital Collections and Law Library.

10. US Libraries The Ultimate Hub for State and Federal Library Resources.

11. Digital Public Library of America Images, Texts, Videos and Sounds.

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